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Resident ventilation

Ideal for homes up to 150m2 / 1600ft2, the unit is a compact, yet powerful system energy-saving design so your home is well-ventilated all year round while you benefit from ultra-low running costs. Humidity levels are minimised and air-borne pollutants filtered out, ensuring the best possible indoor air quality in your home.

Ventilation system is designed to provide optimised balanced (supply and extract) mechanical ventilation heat recovery, whilst offering the best all-in-one acoustic solution on the market.

Tempered air is delivered into ‘living areas’ whilst extracting moisture laden air from ‘wet areas’, creating comfortable and well ventilated homes. The unit has the facility to commission the supply and extract fans independently on both minimum and maximum speeds, and the heat exchange block can recover up to 95% of the normally wasted heat that has been extracted from ‘wet rooms’. It also has an automatic summer bypass which removes the need to adjust the controls during the warmer months.

All-in-one acoustic enclosure, designed specifically range of heat recovery units. It acts as an acoustic enclosure allowing the unit and attenuator to be entirely encased in an aesthetically pleasing model which encloses the attenuators and flexible duct connections that would otherwise be visible and unsightly, all whilst making significant reduction in case-radiated noise.